Children’s Learning Center is designed to facilitate children’s healthy growth and development. A typical day at “CLC”includes structured and unstructured activities for children to complete individually and for the group to interact collectively.

 To create an environment that caters to various learning styles, we utilize the following curricula; A Beka Book, Creative Curriculum, Pinnacle.  A Beka is used to promote phonemic, mathematical and print awareness. The Pinnacle curriculum is more hands on and focus on “concrete” items and learning center exploration along with literacy, science, character development and mathematics. The Pinnacle curriculum also provides Bible stories and a Bible focus for the week. The Creative Curriculum sets the stage for learning by focusing on the elements the children will manipulate in the classroom paying special attention to age appropriateness and differing abilities of the children.

 Each classroom is designed to facilitate the children’s learning. There are “Discovery Areas” set up in each classroom to promote language, critical thinking skills, mathematical concepts, creativity and imagination, physical skills and character development. The children are free to explore the areas in the classroom, under the guidance and supervision of the teacher. Teachers work with small groups of children to ensure academic success. This type of programming focuses on the whole child and aides in healthy development; which allows the staff to see each child as an individual with likes and dislikes, different needs and levels of growth. Discovery areas also provide ways to maximize each child’s experience at preschool.

To encourage healthy growth and development, we participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. All meals are provided and prepared on site. Adjustments to the menu are made for children with food allergies and dietary restrictions


Yolanda Davis, Center Director