RESPECT:  all children, their families, and our staff; regardless of their ethnic origins, value systems, faiths, customs, languages and /or socioeconomic status are entitled to be respected and loved unconditionally.

CLC - Core ValuesTEACHING EXCELLENCE—We believe children are born ready to learn, they learn best when exposed to and engaged in a high quality learning environment guided by caring well-trained adults who work in collaboration with each other.  As an organization, we pledge to deliver excellence to every child.

HOLISTIC LEARNING-  Children learn through many modalities: visually, auditorily, physically, socially and psychologically. We address the child through all of these modes. Building on their strengths and striving to improve areas needing further development, we nurture each child.

TEAM WORK – Collaboration between the parents, children, staff and the administration will make for a winning team. Everyone working together to benefit the children and the community as a whole  build strong bonds that are difficult to break. When one child succeeds,  we all succeed; and vice versa, when we fail one child, we fail them all. We are all interconnected and we are only as strong as our weakest link.